The 2023 Spring Festival

The WBF Women's Spring Festival will be held from 10 - 16 April and we hope as many women players as possible will join us.

The President, Jan Kamras, will offer free entry to the next WBF Pairs Championship which is planned for 2024 for the overall winner plus a partner of her choice. Please note that this event will be a National Championship, so the partner will need to be eligible to play for the same country.

There will be other BBO prizes to be won and WBF Online Master Points will be awarded to the top 20 players in the final ranking.

To join us and play in of these enjoyable Festival tournaments please go to:

Either log in or, if you have never played on BBO before, click the button that says Register

On the next screen, under Play or Watch Bridge, click the link to Competitive then under Tournaments click the tab to All Tournaments where at the top you will see a search box – in that type Women and once the tournaments are set up they will all appear there. Remember that in order to play in any of these events you will need to purchase BB$ - the link is on the All Tournaments page and the entry fee for each event is BB$1


Festival LogoThe 2022 Autumn Festival !

The Autumn Festival was held from from 14 - 20 November...and was won by Deborah Smith from the USA

Deborah Deborah is pictured here with her husband - BBO interview her and the interview can be found by clicking here.

Here are some of the previous winners ... and if you win, your photograph can join them here !

2022 Spring Festival

Congratulations to Tracey Bauer

who was the overall winner of the 2021 Spring Festival

Tracey Bauer

2021 Autumn Festival

Congratulations to Tracy Polii

winner of the 2021 Autumn Festival ! 



2021 Spring Festival

Congratulations to Amy Mitura

who was the overall winner of the 2021 Spring Festival

Amy Mitura

2020 Autumn Festival

Congratulations to Tracey Bauer,

winner of the 2020 Autumn Festival ! 

Tracey Bauer

2020 Spring Festival

Congratulations to Marjorie Michelin who was the overall winner of the 2020 Spring Festival M Michelin

2019 Autumn Festival

Anna Gulevich from Russia was the winner of the 2019 Autumn Festival Anna Gulevich

Previous Festival Events

The winners in all categories can be found here and the winners' certificates can be downloaded here. The list of masterpoint awards is here