Welcome to the information pages about the Women's Online World Bridge Club, and our twice-yearly Women's Online Bridge Festivals. We hope you will join us in one of these enjoyable events, which are specifically designed to promote women's bridge. We believe that they provide exciting, challenging and fun competitions for women all over the world to enjoy.
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Dear bridge friends,

The 2015 Spring Festival will be held from 13th - 19th April 2015

There will be 6 tournaments each day - two individual, two pairs and two robot duplicate tournaments. Click here to find out more about robot tourneys. The overall winner will be the player with the best 10 results in all the Festival tournaments.

For the first time this year, the tournament will be extended to include all women players who have registered with BBO and have a registered "nick", and not just those who have registered with our site. BUT IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT that Festival participants register through our Site because the final prizes in the overall classification will ONLY be awarded to the women players who have completed our Registration form. Of course you need not do this if you have participated in previous Festivals as you will already have done that.

The overall winner of the event will win a free entry for herself and a partner of her choice to the European Women's Pairs Championship in Tromso (you can find all the information about this fantastic event on the website set up for the event - click here to go to it). If the winner is unable to accept then the prize will be offered to the second placed player in the overall ranking.

Click here to download the message from the WBF President, Mr Gianarrigo Rona

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