WBF logoThe 2024 WBF Online Women's Teams

The WBF Women’s Committee invites women players worldwide
to participate in a
Teams event on RealBridge
16 to 18 February, 2024

Purpose of this Teams event: 
To provide an opportunity for an international competitive bridge without potential limitations of cost or travel.


Please send an email to

Mary Kelly Rogers

You will receive a link to a form to complete.

Any number of teams may enter, but all the players in a team must be registered with the same National Bridge Federation.

Entries close on January 16th.

Entry Fee

The entry fee will be 40 Euros for the entire team paid to the WBF Bank Account :

Crédit Suisse SA, Rue du Lion d’Or 5-7, P.O.Box 5722, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland
IBAN CH58 0483 5154 6496 9200 0
Clearing 4835

Please make sure the reference is shown as "Online Teams" and if there is space, give your team name.


The format of the Tournament depends on number of teams.  It will probably be a Round Robin.

Schedule The tournament is played over 3 calendar days. Matches are timed so that the teams will meet others from around the world at mutually convenient times.


A typical timetable would be as follows (based on UTC time)

Day 1
(subsequent days are variants)
Oceania versus West Europe
Early PM:
Far East versus East Europe 


Late PM:
West Europe versus Americas 
Americas versus Oceania

Requirements for entry:

WBF Registration

Each player in the team must be registered in the WBF Database.
If you are not registered in the database please go to:
where you can download the registration form to complete and return to, or you can email Anna and she will send you a copy.
If you are not sure and need to check, you can go to: and type in your last name (you don’t need to enter your country) and you will get a list … please remember that if you registered some time ago and have subsequently changed your name you also need to check your original name. If it has changed please email and she will arrange to update your entry.

WBF Commitment form

Each player must also have a registered Commitment form in place – if you have played in a WBF Championship event since 2017 you should already have one, but if not please go to where you can complete the form digitally and it will be sent to the WBF automatically.

Systems Card

Each participating pair must register their system card in advance, no later than 1 February 2024. This must be in the correct format and the main card must be two sided only. Supplementary sheets (maximum 6) may be added to give additional necessary information. These must be emailed either as the original Word / Excel file or as a PDF to Full details and blank cards for completion can be found at : . Note that HUM and Brown Sticker methods are NOT permitted for this event.
If you have any queries please email
Anna Gudge, WBF Communications Manager at

You can download the information as a PDF file and print it out if you wish - click here to do that.