Please note:

The best 10 results obtained by a player will be used to determine the overall ranking (instead of taking into account all their results)

The Awards and Prizes for the Autumn Festival 2016 are as follows:

1. The main prize for the Autumn Pairs is offered by the President of the European Bridge League, Mr Yves Aubry

The main prize will be free entry for the winner and a partner of her choice to the 2017 European Women's Pairs Championship to be held in Montecatini, Italy - click here to download the flyer - more information about this great event will be posted on the EBL Website in due course.
The Women’s Pairs event in Montecatini is to be held from 20th – 22nd June, and will be followed by an open event held on 23rd & 24th June which will also be free for this pair.
As the event is transnational, the winner may choose a partner from a different country if she wishes to do so.

2. BBO Awards

A) Lucky draws and fun prizes. 
All participants can win lucky and fun prizes that are not skill based - the only condition is to participate!

B) Final ranking awards: $160 C) Tournament awards (fixed prizes, not field-size based)
  BB$ prizes will be also be assigned in EVERY TOURNAMENT from the first to the very last:
1st place: BB$ 50 Pairs (if human+robot, human wins full prize):
2nd place: BB$ 30 1st place: BB$ 6
3rd place: BB$ 20 2nd place: BB$ 4
4th & 5th place: BB$ 10 3rd place: BB$ 2
6th to 10th: BB$ 5
11th to 15th: BB$ 3 Individuals
  1st place: BB$ 3
2nd place: BB$ 2
3rd place: BB$ 1

3. WBF Online Master Points

Please note that only registered members of a National Bridge Federation are eligible to received WBF Online Master Points. The winners will be contacted after the Festival as additional information will be needed to award the Points.
The Points will be awarded in accordance with the following scale:

1st 200 11th 12
2nd 140 12th 10
3rd 100 13th 9
4th 80 14th 8
5th 60 15th 7
6th 40 16th 6
7th 20 17th 5
8th 18 18th 4
9th 16 19th 3
10th 14 20th 2

4. BBO Master Points will be awarded based on the size of the field.

5. Certificates

Certificates will be awarded to the overall winners, runners up and 3rd place, so 9 in total. In addition to the certificates (which will be available on the page "Certificates" of this website), the overall winners may submit their photographs by email and these will be published on this website.