Taking Part

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: read carefully before taking the next steps !

First of all, if you have never registered to play on BBO, then you need to do that, so to connect to BBO website and to become a member please click here. Membership of BBO is free of charge. Once you have registered you will get a unique BBO NICK, that you need to register for the International Women's Online Bridge Club.

Any women registered with BBO may play in these tournaments but in order to receive the prizes you MUST also be registered with our website so now you need to click here to go and fill in the registration form using your BBO nick. After registration your nick will in due course be shown on the "Registered Nicks" page.

Please note: players who are already registered members of BBO need to register only once for the Women's Online Bridge Festivals - if you have played in a previous event you do not need to register again.

If you have played in previous Women's Online World Bridge Festivals or if were a member of the Women's Online Bridge Club you don't need to register for this year's Women's Online World Bridge Festival. Your information is still kept in the database. To be sure check the "Registered Nicks"

For ipad/tablet users, look for Bridge Base in the app store and download the BBO app (it's free):

Of course you will still need to register for each tournament you wish to play in. If you are playing in a pairs game, both players (partners) must be online at the time of registration for the pairs tournament. If not then the pair won't be able to participate.


The entry fee is fixed at $1 (the standard fee for all the normal BBO pay tournaments).
For details of how payment can be made click here.